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Repayment Scheme 1.5% One Month (Unsecured Loan)

Repayment Scheme 1.0% One Month (Secured Loan)

Term & Condition

  • Representative Annual Percentage Rate (APR) or range
    • Maximun 18%
  • Fees of Loan Application incl. all fees
    • Processing Fees RM 50
    • Runner Fees RM 50
  • Implications of Non-Payment
    • Additional 1% interest rate charges if payments are late or missing
    • No legal consequences if payments are late or missing
    • No legal actions will be taken if payments are late or missing
    • No impact on credit score if payments are late or missing
  • Renewal Policy
    •  Minimum 3 Months & Maximum 5 Years of  repayment period.
    • Automatic Extension of Loan which passed the payment period.
    • Upon renewal, there will be no fees or (interest) rate changes.
    • Payment date change to new cycle from the date renewed.
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