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The range of services provided from us are as below:


1. Personal Loan

2. Land & Housing Loan

3. Mortgage Loan

4. Financial Consultancy

With the above services, we believe we are ready to access your need with effective solution.


If you are interested to apply for the loan, please prepare the documents as listed below:


1. Title Deeds

2. Photocopy IC

3. Address Of The Property (Utilities Bill)

4. Latest Three Months Salaries Slips

5. Latest Three Months bank Statements

6. KWSP Statements (EPF)

Repayment Scheme 1.5% One Month (Unsecured Loan)

Repayment Scheme 1.0% One Month (Secured Loan)

Term & Condition

  • Representative¬†Annual¬†Percentage¬†Rate¬†(APR)¬†or¬†range
    • Maximun 18%
  • Fees of Loan Application¬†incl.¬†all¬†fees
    • Processing Fees RM 50
    • Runner¬†Fees RM 50
  • Implications¬†of¬†Non-Payment
    • Additional 1%¬†interest¬†rate¬†charges¬†if¬†payments¬†are¬†late¬†or¬†missing
    • No¬†legal¬†consequences¬†if¬†payments¬†are¬†late¬†or¬†missing
    • No legal actions¬†will¬†be¬†taken¬†if¬†payments¬†are¬†late¬†or¬†missing
    • No¬†impact¬†on¬†credit¬†score¬†if¬†payments¬†are¬†late¬†or¬†missing
  • Renewal Policy
    • ¬†Minimum 3 Months &¬†Maximum 5 Years of¬† repayment period.
    • Automatic Extension of Loan which passed the¬†payment¬†period.
    • Upon¬†renewal,¬†there will be no fees or¬†(interest)¬†rate¬†changes.
    • Payment date¬†change¬†to¬†new cycle from the date renewed.